Back Pain – causes, types and symptoms

Getting Away with Back Pain Symptoms

Back pain is one of the most threatening health problems to affect the lives of millions all across the globe. Overtly thought to be a casual affliction, this pain is common to be felt mostly in the lower back portion of the body followed by the upper and middle back parts and may also go on to affect legs and hips, if not taken care of properly. It therefore becomes obligatory to keep track of certain back pain symptoms and visit a doctor as soon as you realize one or more of them.

Back Pain Symptoms
There are varied back pain symptoms that keep on bothering you now and then. These include:

  • Pain caused due to the persistent state of the body for long hours, such as sitting in office for long hours, or in your car while on a long drive.
  • Starting from the neck to the hips, intense aching at any part of the spine
  • Acute sensation in and around the waist
  • Pain felt while bending down or while you try to get up a long bed rest
  • Pain in the night time that makes it hard for you to have a satisfying sleep
  • Pain due to Motionless legs or weakness in the bottom part of the body
  • Pain caused because of Coughing and sneezing
  • Pain that result out of rapid weight loss because of some health condition or due to problem in bowel moment.
  • Chronic pain, that keeps on afflicting your for 3 or more months, uninterruptedly.

Probable Reason behind back pain

There are innumerable causes behind back pain symptoms, below are discussed some of them:

  • Problem in body parts: The back portion of the human body comprises of an intricate arrangement of various components such as joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves and so on. Problem in any of these may result into unbearable pain.
  • Wrong Posture: An uncomfortable chair could make it harder to get adequate support for your spine, which could consequently compel you to have wrong posture. This forms the root cause behind an intense back pain problem.
  • Lifting heavy loads: At times, you often bent down to lift heavy objects which could cause your ligaments or muscles to get a minor tear. Stressful back is the resulting outcome.
  • Accidental/sports injuries: It is quite possible that you become the victim of an accident or get a bad sports injury. Back pain could easily start making things miserable for you as a probable consequence of such mishaps.
  • Serious health conditions: Some of the severe health condition such as cancer, kidney problem, or nerve damage may also cause back pain, a thorough medical attention is desirable in such a situation.

Remedy to deal with back pain symptoms

Depending on the severity of your back pain symptoms, it would be better to take suggested actions instantly. The best option would be to visit your doctor and discuss with him your back pain condition. Though most of the people tend to recover from this ailing health condition within few days or weeks, still there are some who continue to bear the brunt for an extended time.

In order to deal with such chronic back pain symptoms, it would be better for the affected ones to approach a doctor and undergo a series of medical tests as per his consent, such as X-rays. CT Scan, Electromyography, Discography and so on. Besides all this, the most effective solution to overcome the back pain symptoms would be to maintain a healthy life routine and ensure correct postures while sitting or standing.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms
What is Low Back Pain?

Low Back Pain is a very common symptom among many individuals and generally gets cured in a few days or weeks after due rest and some external applications.  Some general causes could be postural deficiencies for people who sit for long hours, people whose job requires them to lift heavy weights, pregnant women, improper exercise routines leading to obesity etc.

This is a symptomatic problem and not a disease by itself.  It has become as common as a common cold among the working class of today and even if there is a nerve root problem causing low back pain, it can be cured within 2 months, so most back pains are curable by themselves over a period of time and do not require surgery immediately.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain
Pain in the lumbosacral area is one classic example of Low Back Pain.  The pain can be localized in your low back or can shoot down to your legs too!  Mobility may cause severe pain as also numbness in a particular portion of the nerve which gets compressed.

Herniated Discs, Spondylosis, Spinal Stenosis, Cauda Equina Syndrome, Musculoskeletal syndromes like fibromyalgia, Osteomyalitis, Disposition,tumors, Shingles can all cause low back pain and have to be treated under the guidance of a experienced medical practitioner.

Home remedies for Lower Back Pain
Generally, when low back pain occurs, resting the spine is the trusted form of treatment.  Lie down and rest your back; keep pillows underneath the portion where the pain is severe for comfort, light heat massages and ice packs may help; some external applications like anti-inflammatory gels can help in reducing the pain if it is due to a muscle strain.

After a day of rest, it is advisable to get moving, doing small chores that do not strain your back too much.  Stiffness can be more in case of a prolonged bed rest and hence, regular exercising is a must after recovering from the back pain to keep the muscles functioning smoothly. If the pain still persists, after a few days of home treatments that may also include taking of anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen orally as a pain relief, seeking the help of a doctor is highly recommended.

When is surgery required for low back pain?
A surgical treatment for low back pain is seldom undertaken unless it is a case of Sciatica or Cauda Equina or Herniated Disk problem.  But, by and large,  most low back pains can be cured or minimized by regular exercises and proper maintenance  of postures while sitting or standing, walking, climbing stairs instead of using lifts, jogging and cycling etc.  Obesity can also cause low back pain and by doing exercises, this problem can also be cured.

Diet also plays a major role in bone and muscle strengthening and a healthy diet that is rich in calcium and fibers like milk, eggs, spinach, cabbage and carrots for immunity, carbohydrates for energy level maintenance can greatly help in toning the body from stiffness and ensure smooth functioning of the muscles.  This can also reduce low back pain to a great extent.

What is Back Pain?
Also known as Dorsalgia, Back Pain is associated with a pain in the back that starts from the muscles, joints or the other regions of the spine and is divided into neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, tailbone pain etc.  The nature of the pain can be sudden or chronic, continuous or at intervals, localized or radiating to other parts too, and can be a slight, dull pain or sharp, shooting pain. Low back pain, also known as Lumbago is a very common symptom among many people. Census study shows that nine out of every 10 individual has had a back pain at some or the other point in their lives while 5 people out of 10 have a back pain in 1 year consistently.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?
Muscle Strain in the Lumbar region is the most common causes of back pain. It may not even be remembered by the individual and can disappear after a few day or weeks depending upon the nature of the muscle strain. Herniated Disc is another cause of back pain. This is a ruptured intervertebral disc which can cause this kind of pain and the treatment mode differs according to the level of the damage and upon each individual’s metabolism and situation.

Discogenic Pain is another cause for this type of pain. This is also damage to the intervertebral disc and here, there is no herniated disc issue.  Disco gram is the mode of diagnosing this type of pain and this is also a common type of low back pain amongst individuals. Spinal Stenosis is more common among the elderly population. The spinal regions can become stiff due to arthritis or other symptoms that come with aging factors and when there is rigidity in the back, it may lead to a back pain.

Lumbar Spine Arthritis is another cause of this kind of pain. Arthritis is generally associated with knees and fingers, but in some cases, it may affect the joints in the spine which can lead to back pain. Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which the nearby vertebral region begins to loosen or slip and is unstable due to aging factors, and this can cause pain in the back. Osteoporosis can be another cause of a back pain and concerns orthopedic discomforts.  This can occur due to a compression of the vertebra due to weak bone structure.

Back Pain Treatment
There are no ready made answers to treatment of back pains.  In some cases, a resting of the spine is enough, in some taking herbal treatments or massages, ice packs or heat massages, oral medications etc while in some other cases it may require a surgical treatment after a due consultation with the doctor.

When to Seek a Doctor for Back Pain?

If you have a consistent pain for more than a week even after home remedies,  when it keep you awake at nights due to discomfort, uncontrollable bladder and bowel movements , signs of fever, chills or infection symptoms, or any other than the normal symptoms – in all of these cases, seek medical advice immediately for safety reasons.

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