Epilepsy – What are the Symptoms of Epilepsy?

In-depth Information about Epilepsy and Epilepcy Symptoms:

What is Epilepcy?

Epilepsy is a disorder that disturbs normal functioning of brain and leads to persistent seizures. Though it is hard to cure this disease to the fullest but still, at the best, it can be controlled provided that you are well aware of various epilepsy symptoms. In addition, knowing about the causes behind seizures is also imperative in this regard.

What are seizures?
Seizures are convulsions that are caused due to excited electrical signals generating in the brain, they are largely responsible for brain’s abnormal behavior. Also termed as fits, they can last up to a time ranging from few seconds to almost a minute or two. During all this period, you may be in a conscious state or may lose your hold on your brain completely. At times, you may not even be able to recall all the happenings in between the seizure.

What are Epilepsy symptoms?
The fact that epilepsy occurs due to abnormal behavior of brain may give rise to numerous disorders originating from the latter. These may include temporary confusion, frequent jerking motions of legs and hands, total loss of consciousness, staring spell, lightheadedness, violent convulsions and so on.  All such types of Epilepsy symptoms are likely to affect you depending on the type of seizure you are suffering from, whether partial or generalized seizure.

Epilepsy symptoms during partial seizure
When the abnormal activity happens in a single part of the brain, it gives rise to partial seizure, also known as focal seizure. This can be further classified into simple and complex partial seizures, respectively.

Simple partial seizures: These types of seizures may cause sudden changes in the five senses, namely taste, look, sound, touch, and smell. Alongside, other epilepsy symptoms resulting out these seizures may include spontaneous jerking of arms and legs, flashing lights and dizziness, tingling sensation; as created by the touch of pins and needles, déjà vu (a feeling that tends one to think that a particular activity has occurred in the past as well), and so on.

Complex partial seizures: These types of seizures may tend you to lose awareness completely, making you go unconscious for a certain period of time. Among the epilepsy symptoms emerging from complex partial seizures may include circumambulations (walking in circles), swallowing, rubbing and chewing, smacking of lips, picking at clothes, unusual posture and fiddling.

Epilepsy symptoms during generalized seizure
These types of seizures are likely to affect the whole of brain and are also called as grand mal seizures. Some of the epilepsy symptoms for these types of seizures may include:

  • Crying out without any reason
  • Shouting or yelling for few seconds
  • Unnatural movement of body parts such as legs and arms
  • Felling on the ground
  • Stiffening of entire body
  • Eyes remain open throughout the fit
  • Interrupted breathing; at one moment, you may not breath at all, the very next
  • Moment, you may take deep instants of breathing
  • Abrupt urination
  • Confusion after the seizure takes place
  • Regaining consciousness gradually after getting affected by convulsions