Heartburn Symptoms

Six Major Heartburn Symptoms
Heartburn or acid indigestion is the burning commotion, rises in the chest area due to gastric acid reflux condition that occurs usually due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The pain, starts with chest, may spread out to the neckline, throat, or jaw side.

Medical terms
Heart burn is also called pyrosis in medical terminologies.

What is Heartburn?
Heartburn (reflux) itself is not a disorder, but a symptom of gastroesophageal or any other digestive system chaos. Most of the people experience related heartburn triggers, with few of them having unlike heartburn symptoms. Someone feeling heartburn may be due to acid reflux, but it is not always the cause. There may be other possibilities resulting in this burning sensation.

When do heartburn symptoms typically arise?
Heart burn symptoms possibly appear at occasions like:

  • After meals
  • When lying down or taking a nap
  • At night, during sleep
  • After alcoholic, or carbonated drinks

Heartburn symptoms
Following are some of the major signs of heart burn:

  1. A burning chest pain: It is the most ordinary symptom, causing cutting pain to rise in the chest, straight behind the sternum (breastbone) and elevated to the throat area. The extent to which this symptom appear has no specific length,  as it shortly occurs after eating and can retain for a few minutes to quite a few hours.
  2. Burning throat: This is a burning and harsh sensation felt in throat that may deteriorate on swallowing.
  3. Sour or bitter mouth taste: Burning also accompanies with distasteful mouth condition.
  4. Swallowing complexity: There is the condition of dysphagia in which food is difficult to swallow and gets stick in the throat, giving choking feeling. Situation, such as erosive esophagitis and esophageal cancer, may also be the possible reasons for swallowing difficulty.
  5. Chronic cough: The worst condition of heartburn could lead to chronic coughing or dry cough situation. Studies show that about 41% of chronic cough cases are due to GERD.
  6. Wheezing or other asthma signs: Heartburn problem, due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also results in breathing difficulties and about 60% of people suffer from asthma and severe breathless conditions.

Is Heartburn a condition of heart attack?
Heartburn symptoms are often befuddled with cardiac problems. This is a wrong conception since there is a main difference lies between the two medical conditions. Here is the principal difference between the two:

Heart attack: Potential indications of angina or heart attack include inadequate oxygen production, causing squeezing and burning pain in breastbone or chest area. Chest pressure is often high with signs of wooziness, dumpiness of breath, cold sweating and others. Inexplicable chest discomfort is often diagnosed by EKG or exercise stress test earlier than finding out the further reasons, such as gastrointestinal problems, resulting in heartburn.

Heartburn: Whereas heartburn does not carry a squeezing pain, is relatively meek, often resulting in belching with a sour or bitter taste and rarely upshots in cold sweating.

When to seek medical attention?

If heartburn symptoms occur periodically, bringing about chronic discomfort, you should immediately see a qualified medical specialist for proper diagnosis. You have to focus on maintaining healthy diet with regular exercise. This is the easiest way of not letting heartburn to enter in your life.