High Cholesterol Types, Causes and Symptoms


What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance found in our blood, and it comes from the different food items that we consume daily. It is close to the substance called fat, but it is referred to as lipid.

Cholesterol is needed in your body because it is responsible for the production of bile in the liver and store the bile in the gall bladder, and for making the cell membrane in your body.

Types of Cholesterol

Usually, there are two types of cholesterol that we have in our body.

  • The low-density lipoprotein or LDL, and
  • the high-density lipoprotein or HDL is produced in our body.

The LDL is also known as the bad cholesterol, because it could create plaque in the arteries’ walls. The LDL could also cause malfunctioning in many other organs such as liver, gall bladder.

On the other hand, the HDL is the good cholesterol which cleans the arteries’ walls from the plaque. The food we eat, especially the meat of some animals, contains cholesterol.

This additional cholesterol we consume is the LDL, which results in a higher amount of bad cholesterol in our body. If the amount of LDL increases than the HDL, a person gets high cholesterol in the blood which is actually harmful for the body.

Moreover, if, the consumption of cholesterol through diet increases than the normal level, one might get a health condition of high cholesterol. The cholesterol has the tendency to solidify in a normal environment. That is why; high-cholesterol patients are prone to getting heart diseases due to blockage in the arteries near heart. Furthermore, a person with a high amount of cholesterol might get stones in the gall bladder, known as the gallstones.

The stones are formed when the cholesterol starts to solidify in the gall bladder along with the produced bile. There are many more diseases and health conditions that are linked to cholesterol. However, it is necessary to know the symptoms associated with the high cholesterol level in the body, in order to prevent other serious health conditions.

It is essential to keep an eye on the cholesterol in the body. There are no particular symptoms that could point to high cholesterol. You need to get a cholesterol test from a lab to find out if your cholesterol level is high or not. However, there are some symptoms that are related to cholesterol and with some other health conditions, which might be a result of high cholesterol itself. If you are suffering from pain in your left side of the chest or in the middle which is termed as Angina, you might have high cholesterol. As mentioned above, high-cholesterol results in blockage in arteries, this results in affecting the blood flow near the heart. The Angina pain is caused due to the same reasons.

Furthermore, there are some other symptoms which one can consider to pay heed to. Lack of exercising, heartburn, unwanted gas, ulcers in the stomach, high blood pressure and lack of diet, could point to the high cholesterol. These symptoms could be a direct result of high cholesterol, or it could be due to some other disease or infection. But still, when any of these symptoms is observed, high cholesterol should never be ruled out. It would be wise to get a good check up from the doctor.